Sunday, May 3, 2009

Raps From The Final Frontier

Yesterday, Buck, Clint, and Chris and I attended an advanced screening of the new "Star Trek."

Before the movie started Clint was giving Buck and Chris some beatboxing lessons prompting a woman sitting in front of Clint to comment, "I hope you're not spitting on my favorite hat."

Clint, quickly shot back, "No ma'am. We're professionals."

"Professional what?" the woman skeptically asked.

My managerial/PR instincts compelled me to chime in. "Professional comedians," said I.

I proceeded to introduce my contingent to the woman (who was known to me) as Brandy McDonnel, one of the main entertainment writers for The Oklahoman. There was a brief conversation that was cut short by pre-show annoucements, but it was clear she wasn't sold on us yet. I leaned in and whispered to Buck, "You have to do a rap for her!"

Before the boys could oblige, the movie began and for the next hour and 20 minutes we were enthralled by J.J. Abram's bold and entertaining vision of Star Trek. That is, until the film stopped. People were not happy. Amidst the din of disgruntled voices, Clint cried out, "KHAN!!!" eliciting some laughs. The movie started again shortly, allowing us to enjoy the remaining 40 minutes of this Enterprise's maiden voyage.

It turns out that Clint's Kirkian cry had endeared him somewhat to to Brandy, so after the movie she bade the boys to rap, about Star Trek, and to "make it good." Five minutes later in the theater lobby Buck (Unkus the Humongous Homunculus) and Clint (Kid Koopernicus), supported with beats by Chris (a.k.a. DJ Spartakris), did "make it so," prompting Brandy to give us a shout out on her blog. Read all about it here. Thanks Brandy!

I'm going to try and get the Trek rap recorded and posted later tonight. Check back tomorrow to watch it! UPDATE: The Trek Rap is up - at the top of this page!

In the meantime, live long and prosper, and be excellent to each other!

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